Shauna Brooke Rush is a graduate of California State University Fresno. She studied Graphic Design with an emphasis in Photography, minored in Mass Communication and Journalism with an emphasis in advertising. In 2015 Shauna began work at Twitter HQ on the User Services Team focusing on Abuse. In 2016 Shauna joined the Total Client Solutions team working with Fortune 500-1000 clients as an Account Executive & Account Manager with a $1.2MM quota quarterly. Recently, Shauna has focused on her Design Business and Consulting for varied clients including The World Economic Forum, The Sandbox Agency, and Funding Circle.  She thrives in a team setting and a creative environment. Shauna is a Jane of All Trades: a digital marketer, social media advertising expert, creative director, photographer, graphic designer. She is perceptive, thoughtful, and compassionate, which allows her to make lasting connections with everyone she meets. Most of all Shauna describes herself as a creative mind, blissfully excited to learn all that she can. 

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