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Shauna Brooke




Here's who I am & what I do

As an experienced marketing executive, I facilitate memorable, own-able and engaging strategies. I have deep roots in social, having started my career on the client side at Twitter. I have built and led teams spanning multiple verticals, brands, and departments from the perspective of both the client and the agency.


As the Director of Marketing, Social Media for Gannett - USA Today, I've served as a trusted advisor and expert on all things content marketing, driving the adoption of scalable approaches across the network of brands. While fostering transparent communication and ROI-positive output, I partner with key stakeholders in marketing, editorial, and business intelligence sectors to refine and implement successful content marketing strategies.


Beyond the corporate realm, my consultancy brings that personal touch, the "let's sit down over a virtual coffee" approach. Together, we unearth your brand's digital potential, blending your vision with my cocktail of experience. If you're seeking a blend of professional prowess with a sprinkle of warmth and wit, let's chat!

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