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A premier social media and digital strategy consultancy that marries data-driven insights with compelling storytelling. Born from years of experience managing global campaigns, cultivating influential partnerships, and pioneering digital transformations, offering a unique blend of analytical prowess and creative genius. Shauna Brooke's approach is collaborative, innovative, and rooted in the belief that when strategy meets storytelling, digital magic happens. 

Custom Social Media Strategy

In today's digital era, high-profile individuals need a strategy as custom-fit as a tailored suit. This service caters to executives aiming for a powerful digital presence. Shauna crafts a tailored blueprint, from brand audits to content calendars, ensuring an executive's online identity is consistent, genuine, and credible.

Campaign/ Content Strategy

Shauna combines insights, audience knowledge, and brand values to craft campaigns that engage and resonate. She formulates strategies that align brand narratives with actionable insights, ensuring campaigns connect and captivate your audience.

Comprehensive Digital Analysis

This analysis provides a 360° insight into your digital footprint, assessing audience behavior, campaign results, and current trends. By examining engagement metrics and gauging audience sentiments, it serves as your guide in the digital landscape, directing you towards optimal engagement.

Team Leadership & Training

Building on managerial and leadership roles, Shauna provides mentorship, training, and strategic guidance to in-house social media teams, ensuring they're equipped with the latest best practices and strategies.

Influencer & Creator Strategy

An influencer & creator strategy that maps out strategic collaborations with micro-influencers to industry giants, aligning with brand values and resonating with audiences to ensure authentic engagements that will amplify your brand's voice and reach.


Hourly Day Rate


Top-tier expertise tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Whether it's a quick consultation or a day-long strategy session, you're investing in value-driven, result-oriented service without any overheads.


Unlock the full potential of your digital presence with Shauna's expertise. Whether you're an executive, a brand, or an influencer, a tailored strategy can elevate your online impact. Dive into data-driven insights, tailored content, and innovative campaigns that truly resonate. Don't leave your digital success to chance—get a quote today and set your brand on the path to authentic and engaging connections.

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